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ValueFunding.Net offers the most complete types of loan programs to be found on the web. Our staff has many years of experience in areas of specialization from our select list.. View the many programs offered on the loan programs page. Access our loan application section to have your commercial and residential funding requirements met.. You can place your loan request and receive our review and response in a short period of time. We offer these services in a secure server environment.

ValueFunding..Net has developed relationships with residential and commercial lending professionals since 1995. Each member of our staff is well educated and with many years of experience in the commercial and residential lending arena. We keep current with trends and technology in the market place.

Future Plans

ValueFunding.Net has introduced Loan Modification Programs as early as October 2009 and continues to do so  with a ”  How to Avoid Foreclosure Tool Kit ” This  publication has been developed by  a Leading National Law Firm that specializes in ” Loan Mods ” and the foreclosure process.

It is one of the best and most expansive guides offered to the public with over 80 pages of instruction and illustrations on how to “win ” with your lender in granting a Loan Modification.

This Toolkit has been talked about on TV on programs such as ”  The View – Fox News- ABC’s Good Morning America ”

Get the information and knowledge from a law firm that is involved in Loan Mods every day. It’s available in print and without the legal price tag normally associated with hiring a law firm to represent you with your lender.

Please keep in mind that there are laws that prevent anyone other than attorneys to collect a fee upfront for handling loan modifications.

We understand that economic conditions of the past have caused an unfavorable business climate. Home owners have fallen behind in their mortgage obligations

The Promise

Follow the steps as outlined in the ” Stop The Foreclosure Tool Kit ” with real life and accurate answers found in the guide. If your lender rejects your written proposal from the  ” Tool Kit ” the attorneys will re-write your proposal and offer a rebuttal in order to overturn their decision.

Our objective is to provide borrowers with terms that allow time to recover from an unfavorable conditions. Residential and Commercial lenders are not eager to take back the real estate. They would prefer to renegotiate into a loan modification and avoid the cost of foreclosure.  Dont’ wait for the sale of your home on the court house steps.  Order your ” Tool Kit ” Today  !!

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